Thursday, January 2, 2020

Elvis presley bio

Elvis Presley whose full name is Elvis Aaron Presley born in Mississippi state in the city of tupelo
His parents named as Vernon and Gladys as the name suffix Presley .Elvis born on January  the 8th on the 1935

Elvis born with twin with Jesse Aaron died at birth difficulty.When He was at his childhood his
parents had hardship with economy , what actually drive them to Memphis tn for their economic fate
This legend start with gospel singer ,and then establish with his own creations the rock and roll.
He own creations rock n roll and his best performance at the time make him of rock and roll
Before he entered into the the pop music he was basically a blues gospel doo wop country music opera music
Elvis a multifarious talent in music has develop the local Cherokee music which is of the native Indian peoples son

Elvis joined in army and in the year of 1958 to 1960 at the base in Germany where he got  married with a lady named
Ann Priscilla beau lie , from her he his only daughter presilla Presley
Elvis joined in film when he ended his military life and got world famous recognitions of his performance as a singer and actor together
Elvis in his your age at    1977  august 16 he died with unconscious at 12 noon at his own home grace land. He left a huge memory to the people
mind today people remember him with visiting his home Graceland what is now a Elvis museum.Elvis music has been circulated nearly one billion in records.
And he was a movie star for high ranking 33 movies and all movies has been super hit .

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